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Since we sell leather and feathers to the kachina carvers we are able to buy directly the finest Navajo kachinas produced in the Gallup area.  No junk dolls, imports, or assembly line kachinas. No middlemen, all pieces are signed.

3 Kachinas
Navajo Kachinas
Spear Carrier
7" $46
10" $75
Hoop Dancer
7" $46
10" $75
Eagle Dancer
7" $46
10" $75
Postage and Handling $14.00
Deluxe Eagle Dancer
10" $75
Postage and Handling $7.00

Leather colors on spear carriers and hoop dancers vary among several colors as do the positions of the eagle dancers.  Not much difference in the regular and deluxe eagle dancers.

5 Kachinas

The Trailblazer stocks other Navajo kachinas in 7 and 10 inch sizes, wolf, bear, clown, early morning, owl and others.  Removable mask dolls in 7 and 10 inch sizes.  Check with us regarding larger sizes, 12 inches and up.  As mentioned we deal directly with the finer Gallup area Navajo Kachina carvers.


5 more Kachinas

We do have some Zuni and Hopi Kachinas.  

Check with us as our selection varies.



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